At JCM we regularly use our 3D printing farm to produce parts in-house for our customer's projects. We are happy to provide this service to any looking to have their projects printed.

Using our ‘fused deposit modelling’ printers (FDM) or ‘Stereolithography’ resin printers (SLA), combined with our expertise in moulding and casting, we can produce almost any component.

We use our resin printers for extremely fine detail prints, each layer being 0.05mm high.

Our largest SLA printer has a print volume of 330x185x400mm.

Our FDM/ filament printers are fantastic for printing functional plastic components. We use them for printing brackets, jigs, mould jackets, unseen components or structures in projects. They are extemely versatile!

Our post processing can include sanding, spraying, moulding and casting of parts.

Please get in touch for a no-obligation chat about your project or idea or send over your .stl file and we can quote you straight away.

Please email info@jakecanmake.com directly if you'd like to include an attachment. Alternatively, use the button below to send us a message!


We also offer a time lapse video service for your social media page or website. These can be made to your specification; length, lighting or background colour. Whatever your model or application, your videos will be truly unique.

3D Printing Stop Motion Video Service 1
3D Printing Stop Motion Video Service 2