In close liason with our customers, we can produce a wide variety of interior spaces.

All projects are designed, fabricated and finished inhouse to a high quality.

We can undertake site visits and installs.

We leverage our knowledge of a wide varety of materials and techniques to create truly bespoke results.

We are Corian certified fabricators.

Plastic fabrication

We have specialist knowledge of plastic fabrication.

This can be used for: signage, shop displays, promotional point of sale, display cases and much more.

We have experience in high-quality bespoke acrylic fabrication, including: high quality bonding, finishing and polishing and surface repair.

We can also undertake polycarbonate welding and fabrication.

Bespoke Furniture & Furnishings

We have worked closely with designers to produce their ideas and concepts.

These can often change over the course of the project, and we are always open to modifying our initial plans to suit the designer's needs.

We can work with; wood, metals (including steel, aluminium and brass,) Corian, plastics and resins to produce exactly the result you need.