Here at JCM, we have been developing and refining a functional ZF1 replica prop.

These are available to buy as fully assembled models, or build your own kits.

Each prop is an exact replica of the film used prop and comes fully equipped with light and movement effects.

ZF-1 Replica

Our ZF-1 replicas  feature:

  • Aluminium frame and sub-frames
  • Metal components: Stainless steel darts, piston rods, aluminium piston bodies, side arms, main barrel and other detail components, steel scope conduit, plus much more...
  • Movie matched lighting animations and movements
  • 5 servos for full movie accurate motion
  • Professional spray finish and weathering.
  • Lower shell liner and foam edging cord.
  • Complete with battery and battery charger.


We have developed the ZF1 kits to be easy to assemble, with all the metal, resin and electronic components used in the assembled versions. They feature:

  • Aluminium frames, subframes and detail parts. Stainless steel detail components.
  • SLA resin printed detail components (visible parts).
  • FDM printed internal mechanism components and brackets (not visible parts)
  • No soldering required electronic boards that simply connect together with colour coded connectors.
  • Many assembly guide videos and animations to help you assemble without hassle.
  • Complete with battery and battery charger.
Step-by-step build videos