Widely regarded among movie memorabilia and prop collectors as a 'Holy Grail' prop, the ZF-1 is a highly sought after and impressive peice. We have developed a highly accurate model of this iconic science fiction weapon.

These are available to buy as fully assembled models, or build your own kits.

Each prop is an exact replica of the film used prop and comes fully equipped with light and movement effects.


"I bought a Zorg ZF1 from Jake. This guy is an incredible prop maker and engineer! His work is stunning. I can't believe the detail and quality he put into this build. Wow. Just incredible!"

"I purchased a Fifth Element ZF1 gun from Jake and I am quite pleased with it. Very nice build, reasonably priced, prompt, honest, and he answered all my emails quickly. I would highly recommend buying!"

"I purchased a ZF1 kit from Jake, and it is amazing. The engineering and thought that went into the kit is above and beyond. The 3D printed parts are amazing and the electronics are fantastic!"

"Absolutely stunning work. I'm floored. I love it. Worth the money and the (very reasonable and short) wait. Amazing, thank you!"

"Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I love this prop! I look at it daily and can't believe the artistry that went into this! Your work is astounding! So glad I bought it! Thanks!"

ZF-1 Replica

Our ZF-1 replicas  feature:

• Aluminium frame and sub-frames
• Metal components: Stainless steel darts, piston rods, aluminium piston bodies, side arms, main barrel and other detail components, steel scope conduit, plus much more...
• Movie matched lighting animations and movements
• 5 servos for full movie accurate motion
• Professional spray finish and weathering
• Lower shell liner and foam edging cord
• Complete with battery and battery charger


We have developed the ZF1 kits to be easy to assemble, with all the metal, resin and electronic components used in the assembled versions. They feature:

• Aluminium frames, subframes and detail parts. Stainless steel detail components
• SLA resin printed detail components (visible parts)
• FDM printed internal mechanism components and brackets (hidden parts)
• 'No soldering required' electronic boards that connect together with colour coded connectors
• Many assembly guide videos and animations to help you assemble without hassle
• Complete with battery and battery charger
• 24/7 help and advice from the people that design and build the kits

Metal upgrade set

We have also manufactured an aluminium upgrade set.

These parts have been selected as they allow you to replicate the metallic yellow effect seen on the original film props. This adds another layer of authenticity and looks incredible. The parts include:

• Rocket vent outter rings
• Upper and lower maglite tips
• Front and rear side arm pegs
• Yellow button base
• Red button base
• £200/ $250 + shipping


Use the links below for tools and templates to help you with the build of your ZF1 prop.
If you have any problems or questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.